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Security Policy

  1. Company maintains liberal policy with regard to employee use and access to Office.
  2. Company issues ID card to all its employees. All employees are supposed to wear it while they are in the office premises.
  3. Any visitor who comes to visit any employee for personal purposes are not allowed inside premises.
  4. Similarly any visitor who comes on official reason can be allowed inside after registering himself in the visitors register.
  5. Similarly if any visitor has to be allowed into the work place then prior permission has to be sought from concern manager, Administration.
  6. Visitors will be given a badge and they should wear it while they are inside the office premises and return the same while leaving the office.
  7. Employees are not supposed to takeout any material belonging to Company.
  8. Any materials entering inside the office premises have to register in security register with proper seal.
  9. All personal belonging have to be declared in the security before entering into the office premises.
  10. Materials for official purpose can be used only on a written permission from the concerned Manager. This include any document / Books/ Journals/ CDs / floppy/ Electronic items.

Security Solutions

Force 1 has a strong regional presence and very fast spreading across the country. We have a team of more than 3,000 professionally trained security personnel securing an impressive clientele which includes IT Industry, Multinational Companies, Hotels, hospitals, Industrial Units, Malls, and many more. Force 1 provides smartly uniformed, professionally trained and well-supervised security officers who are responsible for security and safety of assets, personnel and property against loss due to theft, pilferage, intrusion, fire, flooding or an accident.

The company is an ISO 9001: 2008 certified and believes in total commitment to quality and client satisfaction. We understand the sensitivity of security business and the importance of providing professional and specialized expertise in accordance with the requirement and to the utmost satisfaction of the client.

Force 1 Security currently provides the following services:

  • Secure Solutions
  • Corporate & Industrial Investigations
  • Central Monitoring Response
  • Emergency Response
  • Fire & Safety Services
  • Protection Officer (PO)
  • Fast Action Task Force
  • Night patrolling in sensitive area

Our success can be attributed to our professional approach to the business. Force 1 Security Officers are carefully selected, thoroughly vetted and adequately trained. Our personnel are smartly uniformed, well equipped and constantly supervised.

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